Mad Vegan Chef’s Omelette [soy-, egg- and dairy-free]

Craving an tasty omelette without eggs or dairy, but not a fan of tofu scrambles? Our recipe uses Follow Your Heart’s Vegan Egg substitute.

Preparing this product as if it were eggs (i.e. scrambled or omelette, and not, say, mixed in a cake) isn’t particularly difficult, but it is different than cooking real eggs. You may want to practice with a batch of scrambled Vegan Egg, before trying the omelette, to get a feel for when it is done. If over cooked, it will come apart.  We’ve found the key is constant medium heat (300F-315F / 150-160C pan temperature), getting the omelette spread out thinly and evenly in the pan, and cooking it for no more than 10 minutes.

Today we made this with some assorted leftover fresh mushrooms, lacinato kale, and green pepper for the veggies and a delicious cashew-based chive-coated chevre cheese from Riverdel in Brooklyn, NY.  Use your favorites.

Mad Vegan Chef’s Omelette [vegan, soy-, egg- and dairy-free]

omelette - 8


3 level dry Tbsp. Follow Your Heart Vegan Egg mix
3/4 cup ice cold water
3/4 cup chopped vegetables of your choice for filling (mushrooms, peppers, greens, etc.)
2 oz. vegan cheese (optional)
1 tsp. olive oil for sautéing fillings


In a mixing bowl, combine the vegan egg mix and water. Whisk until well dissolved – it should look about like beaten whole eggs.

Heat a small omelette pan or skillet, sprayed with nonstick cooking spray, over medium heat (about 310F / 155C), then pour in the vegan egg. Swirl around pan and allow to set up, over flame, for about 2 minutes, then slide a spatula around and under it so it doesn’t adhere to the pan. Season with salt and pepper. Cook undisturbed for another 2 minutes.

While omelette is cooking, in another small skillet, heat 1 tsp. olive oil and briefly sauté the vegetables to desired doneness.  Set aside.

After the omelette has cooked for 4 to 5 minutes, loosen with a spatula and carefully flip it over.  It should look like the picture below left.  Add the cooked fillings, and cheese if using.

After 2 more minutes, fold one half of omelette over the other and flip it a final time. Cook 2 additional minutes until liquid stops bubbling out of eggs (total cooking time should be 9-10 minutes).  Remove to a plate and serve; garnish with salsa and/or some snipped chives.

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